Problem 15 Round to the nearest hundred. ... [FREE SOLUTION] (2024)

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Chapter 1: Problem 15

Round to the nearest hundred. $$ 32,839 $$

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Identify the Hundreds Place

Locate the hundreds place in the number 32,839. The hundreds place is the third digit from the right, which is 8 in this case.


Identify the Tens Place

Look at the digit to the right of the hundreds place, which is the tens place. The tens place in 32,839 is 3.


Apply Rounding Rules

If the digit in the tens place is 5 or greater, round up. If it's 4 or smaller, round down. Since the digit in the tens place is 3, round down.


Adjust the Number

Since we are rounding down, the digit in the hundreds place (8) stays the same and all the digits to the right of the hundreds place become 0. Therefore, 32,839 rounded to the nearest hundred is 32,800.

Key Concepts

These are the key concepts you need to understand to accurately answer the question.


Rounding is a mathematical technique used to simplify numbers.
It makes calculations easier and helps give approximate values.
Rounding can be done to various place values, such as tens, hundreds, or thousands.
When you round a number, you look at the digits in the number and follow specific rounding rules to determine how to adjust the number.
For example, when rounding 32,839 to the nearest hundred, you look at the hundreds and tens places to make the decision.
In this case, rounding can help in estimating numbers for quick mental math or in making data simpler and more manageable.

place value

Understanding place value is key to rounding numbers correctly.
Place value tells you the value of each digit in a number based on its position.
For example, in the number 32,839, the digits are 3, 2, 8, 3, and 9.
The place values are:

  • 32,839
  • 3 is in the ten-thousands place
  • 2 is in the thousands place
  • 8 is in the hundreds place
  • 3 is in the tens place
  • 9 is in the ones place

By knowing which digit is in which place, you can apply the correct rounding rules.
In our example, the hundreds place is crucial for rounding to the nearest hundred.

rounding rules

Rounding rules are simple guidelines to determine how to round a number.
Here are the basic steps:

  • Identify the place value to which you are rounding. For 32,839 to the nearest hundred, this is the hundreds place (8).
  • Look at the digit immediately to the right of this place value, which is the tens place (3).
  • If this digit is 5 or more, add 1 to the digit you are rounding to and change all digits to the right to 0.
    If it is less than 5, keep the digit you are rounding to the same and change all digits to the right to 0.

Applying these rules to 32,839, the tens place is 3, which means we round down.
Therefore, 32,839 rounded to the nearest hundred is 32,800.

mathematics education

Rounding numbers is an essential skill in mathematics education.
It helps students with mental math, estimation, and understanding the significance of various digits in a number.
Learning to round also paves the way for more advanced mathematical concepts and operations.
Using rounding, students can simplify complex problems and verify their answers.
In real life, rounding helps with estimating costs, measuring quantities, and interpreting data.
By mastering rounding, students build a solid foundation that supports future mathematical learning and everyday applications.

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Problem 15 Round to the nearest hundred. ... [FREE SOLUTION] (3)

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Problem 15 Round to the nearest hundred.  
... [FREE SOLUTION] (2024)
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