Family of nurse found dead alongside TV paramedic share tribute (2024)

The family of a 22-year-old woman who was found dead at a house in Staffordshire last week have paid tribute to her as 'sweet girl whose smile would brighten even the darkest of days'.

Lauren Evans was found dead in Hednesford, near Cannock, on June 25 by emergency crews who also discovered the body of West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedic Daniel Duffield, aged 24.

Duffield, who appeared on the Channel 4's documentary series 999: On The Frontline, was employed as a paramedic at Willenhall, near Wolverhampton. It is understood Daniel and Lauren were in a relationship together.

In a statement issued through police on Thursday, Lauren's family said they had 'tragically, prematurely and unnecessarily had our beautiful daughter Lauren taken from us at the tender age of 22.

'Lauren was truly beautiful inside and out and will forever be in our memories. She was adored by her parents, younger sister, grandparents, family and friends because she was a gorgeous, soft natured, sweet girl whose smile would brighten even the darkest of days,' they said.

Lauren's family said she was a 'sweet girl whose smile would brighten even the darkest of days'

999: On the Front Line star Daniel Duffield, 24, and Lauren Evans, 22, were found by West Midlands Ambulance Service at his home in Cannock, Staffordshire on Tuesday

The family members added:'Lauren's thoughtful, caring and loving nature made her endearing to so many during her short life and she had so much more love to give and smiles to share with family and friends in the future.'

'Lauren loved our family dog, Poppy, and her little puppy, Milly, with the two of them forming such a strong mutual bond in only the short time they sadly had together.

'Lauren achieved academic success and was soon to start her chosen career in mental health nursing, in which we know she would have excelled and been an attentive and caring nurse.

'A special person has been lost to so many who had the privilege to know her and to those who would have had the pleasure of meeting her in the future. We have lost a special daughter, with her sister, losing a loving companion and soul mate who wanted to share so many more experiences with Lauren.

'You were always loved, will always be in our memories and by our side and we will unconditionally love you forever Lauren.

'We kindly request that the family's privacy is respected, and we are allowed to grieve for our cherished Lauren in peace at this sad and traumatic time'.

The family, from the quiet 2,000-population village of Pen-y-fai near Bridgend, had until now not spoken on the tragedy.

Her mother Karen, 53, and father Steven, 54, are understood to be distraught at the tragic loss.

The family were described as 'quiet' by the neighbours and said to often do things together.

Neighbours on Coed Y Cando, Pen-y-Fai, were 'shocked' by the news and said that Lauren was 'very friendly' girl.

One said: 'She always said hi and they are a nice family. This is a terrible shock for everyone.'

Another added student Mental Health Nurse Lauren, who had graduated from Swansea University, was 'no trouble' and described her as a 'lovely girl.'

She is believed to have moved out to go to University 30 miles away but returned for a time during the pandemic. She is believed to have moved to Staffordshire last year.

As tributes flooded in for Lauren and Daniel, police confirmed they were treating Lauren's death as murder.

Detective Inspector Louise Booker, from Staffordshire's major investigations department, said: 'Following the launch of our investigation and inquiries conducted by our major investigations team, we are treating Lauren's death as a murder.

'We want to reassure the community that we are not seeking any other party in connection with Lauren's death and are continuing to build a file for HM Coroner.

'I can't begin to imagine the pain that the families are feeling after this tragic incident and our thoughts remain with the families of those affected.'

DI Nicki Addison, from the force's Major Investigations Department, previously urged people to respect the family's privacy, adding: 'We'd like to remind you that speculation is unhelpful and hurtful to the families – and can hinder our investigation.'

999: On the Front Line star Daniel Duffield, 24, and Lauren Evans, 22, were found by West Midlands Ambulance Service at his home in Cannock, Staffordshire on Tuesday, June 25.

Mr Duffield had featured in Channel 4's documentary 999: On the Front Line alongside his crew mate, student paramedic Ellie.

Ellie paid tribute on social media and revealed she spoke to Mr Duffield a matter of hours before is death, adding she is 'still trying to come to terms' with the tragedy.

Millions watched Mr Duffield on the eleventh series of the show, which follows West Midlands Ambulance crews as they respond to 999 calls across the region.

Taking to social media, his she said: 'Never in a million years did I think I'd have to sit and write this and yet I'm still trying to come to terms with it.

'I just want to express how special you [were] to me, not only my best friend at work and the best crew mate but one of my best friends who had a massive impact on day to day life, the most kind hearted person who always had time to help others, who made me laugh every day and always would pick up the phone whenever I was in need.

'Dan I can't believe you're actually gone.'

'Lauren was truly beautiful inside and out and will forever be in our memories,' the family said in a statement shared on Thursday

During his appearance on 999: On the Front Line, Mr Duffield was seen chatting to crew mate Ellie about whether she believed in aliens, before the pair were called out to an emergency involving a suspected stroke patient.

The documentary saw them assess 91-year-old Walter, who had lost feeling in one side of his body, and rush him to hospital.

After speaking to Walter about his late wife, Mr Duffield told the programme: 'I think it's difficult when one partner passes away, and the other's left on their own.'

The paramedic reportedly split up with his former partner at Christmas, but had recently found a new girlfriend.

It is understood Mr Duffield was suffering from mental health problems before his death.

Family of nurse found dead alongside TV paramedic share tribute (2024)
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